September 22, 2008

radio silence

One month since the last post?  Oops.  For me, there hasn't been much to say about summer produce.  What can I possibly elaborate on when it comes to tomatoes, basil and zucchini?  

Let me fill you in:

Zucchini?  Adore.  Especially when it is so fresh and downright creamy.  I just saute them with onions.  For me, that's how they are at their best.  I don't need lots of recipes or ways to jazz them up.  

Tomatoes:  It was an interesting season here in California.  All of the wild fires turned the sky smoky which in turn slowed down the ripening of the tomatoes.  We got our real first batch sometime in mid-late August.  I guess the smoke acted like a protective shade.  According to Eatwell, it's the best season they've ever had.  I have to confess that, while I enjoy a good heirloom, there is nothing like an amazing roma or cooking tomato!  I have been keeping them as close to their natural state as possible by making lots of panzanella or quick marinara.

Basil: not a huge fan of Eatwell's basil, to tell you the truth.  The leaves are pretty small and it is definitely on the spicy, not sweet, side.  It makes a good pesto, though.

So, why the long time between posts?  I haven't been doing much cooking.  It's been sliced tomatoes in burgers or panzanella or tabbouleh.  I miss spinach.  Kale.  Squash.  Is that weird?  Summer's bounty is here and all I can do is think about what is missing from my box.  I almost even miss swiss chard...