July 16, 2007


Better late than never...I get to our plan for our CSA contents this week.

In my box were:
cabbage, onions, plums, swiss chard, garlic, zucchini (why does Eatwell insist on calling this summer squash instead of zucchini? is it a regional thing? all summer squash that is not yellow is, to me, zucchini), green beans, yellow finn potatoes, heirloom cherry tomatoes, 2 big heirloom tomatoes (yellow & red). I was really bummed there was no corn! Hopefully Ruth got some to make up for the week when it was in my box and not hers.

I pick up my box on Thursday. It is now Monday, and all of our plums and cherry tomatoes are long gone!

For the two heirloom tomatoes, red onion from last week and the garlic, I am going to make a panzanella for my lunches.

Last night, I made a lemon slaw with the cabbage. Gist of the recipe is this:
4 cups cabbage
3 carrots
1 cup (bunch) scallion
4 tbsp mayonnaise (or 2 tbsp mayo + 2 tbsp sour cream)
1/2 tsp lemon zest
4 tsp lemon juice
s & p

It was so delicious - and I am not a big slaw person. Ruth has been talking it up for a few months - I should have listened a few months ago!

Tonight we are having chicken tikka masala and will add zucchini, green beans and maybe even some potatoes. The prepared curry is admittedly A/ not local B/ not organic and C/ REALLY GOOD.

Tomorrow night will be sauteed chard next to some potatoes and fish or steak.

Wednesday is my birthday and we were talking of having....lobster ;) Hey, it's only once a year! I'll be making up for it by eating totally local Friday night at this restaurant.

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