July 6, 2007

Summertiiiimmme...and the eating is eaaasyyy

[I haven't decided whether to remain technical or get creative with post titles, so you will have to excuse the dorky ones (ahem, like today). Maybe I should just stick to the date of my CSA delivery and leave it at that?]

In my box this week (R's might be a bit different. Did you get carrots or beets? I got neither. Hmph!):
Sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomato + two babies, lettuce, garlic, red torpedo onions, basil!, lemon verbena, zucchini, plums and a mix of small potatoes (red, white and blue).

I'm most excited about the corn, which I still insist on eating just off the cob, and the basil. I did just buy basil at Trader Joe's because I *had* to have some, even if it was from Mexico. This is a slow weaning process, this trying to eat locally thing! At least it was in season. Now that one daughter is in swim class every Saturday morning, I am barred from getting to either of our two farmer's markets. Typing this now reminds me that I should try to find one near her class.

Last time we got lemon verbena, I made it into a tea to drink hot or cold. That was lovely. I think this time I need to get more creative with it and make an olive oil cake or something else sweet. I have a constant supply of it as my friend has a bush in her backyard (thanks!).

As for a menu - we haven't quite figured it out this week. Also, all the produce is so fresh and ready-to-eat that I don't think we really need a real menu on how to incorporate these vegetables.

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