September 22, 2007

Squash dish the kids will eat

I had a going-bad squash I had to roast off the other night, right after picking it up.  No fault of the farm - it's a delicata squash - so just as the name implies - it's fragile!

Slice the squash, seed it, brush w/ olive oil and season
Roast in a 400 oven until brownish
Cut into chunks or dice (more camoflauge-ready)
Store for future use

Future use #1:
Whole wheat pasta
Toasted walnuts
Roasted squash
Parmesan cheese
Toss. Done!
I toasted the walnuts in one pan ... then added olive oil and sauteed the squash a little to reheat and carmelize a little more ... then added the pasta straight into the pan with a bit of pasta water so it wouldn't be too dry.  No herbs in this one,  but sage would be yum.

The kids eat it because they think the squash are tomatoes! LOL!

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