October 24, 2007

how to start eating organic

The main objective of this blog is how to start eating more locally,...but let's not forget about the organic vs. conventional question that is built into that.  That apple may come from a farm 15 minutes down the road, but is it organic?  I would hope so, since apples have some of the highest percentage of pesticides.  And who eats a lot of apples?  My kids.  And probably yours.  

This is a great article from the New York Times about which products to start with and why.


Janet said...

What a great way to start simple, and move on from there.

This brings me back to the CNN special 'Planet in Peril'. It was so disturbing to hear about the "common" chemicals that are found in our bodies (especially given the quantities at which they are present!)

It really has made me question standard everyday items (deodorant, makeup, cleaners, etc), which in their non-organic form are usually more cost-efficient and convenient. I think it's all organic for me from now on. :/

Kelly Mahoney said...

Interesting article and great thoughts.

Miche said...

Thanks, Janet - I have both parts of Planet in Peril scheduled in my Tivo! :D