November 10, 2007

This and That

Here's what we got in our boxes this week:

Butternut squash

I was happy to discover that my 2 year old loves roasted  butternut squash - so that makes 2.5 of us in the family (my husband eats it, but it isn't his favorite).

We never got through a bunch of swiss chard we got last week - so I've just finished sauteeing it up with some onions and garlic.  I'm going to make ravioli out of them using wonton wrappers.  My favorite quick-and-easy trick!  It's not local or organic blahblahblah, so, see?  We're not nazi about these things ;)  I did buy my wonton wrappers at a mom & pop shop, though.  That counts for shopping local in my mind!  Anyway - the kids are onto the fact that there is something *green* in the ravioli - so they have started turning their noses up at it.  That's fine with me, I will make a batch of these and freeze them and bring it to work for lunch.  What worked last time was to boil them, toss with marinara, and then freeze.

I'm also in the process of prepping a mock Thanksgiving dinner for tomorrow.  We bought a turkey breast (bone-in) - man are those suckers huge!  We are not having Thanksgiving at our place this year.  Half the reason I wanted to have this mock dinner is to make things the way I like (control issues, anyone?) and the second major reason is because I want to make turkey stock with the remains.  I will either make escarole (see box contents above!) soup with it or use it to make the stuffing I am bringing to Thanksgiving dinner.

Tonight's dinner?  Wild salmon with broccoli.

Downer news from the Bay: Crab Season Delayed Indefinitely

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Janet said...

I replied to this yesterday, but it seems to have disappeared.

I'm sorry about your crab season. I love nothing more than fresh crab!

I'm so envious of your vegetable variety this week. Our local farmer's market ended their season last week and I miss it so. I did 95% of my food shopping at our market.

I did manage to secure a source for local free-range eggs and organic heirloom garlic from a good customer of ours, though.

Love the idea of the wonton wrappers. I bought some today and can't wait to try with the fresh butternut squash I bought at the market on Saturday!