December 20, 2007

Weekly menu

I have been a major slacker in the 'weekly menu' category! It should be more like the 'quarterly menu' at the rate I post it. Sorry! Here is an idea of how we have been eating our wintry veg:

Roast chicken & veg (sweet potato fries, onions under the chicken, stuff like that)

Chicken soup - broth made from chicken - includes veg from CSA box
[Chicken salad for lunch - leftover roast chicken]

Roasted fish, salad, broccoli

Flank steak, sweet potato fries, spinach

Stir fry: stir fry mix (basically baby chard, baby collards and some chinese veg), tat soi, tofu

I think that stands out most from this is how simple everything is. The whole family gets home around 6 - so there is a real time crunch to get dinner ready and on the table by 7. We are able to do this every night by keeping things easy peasy! The roast chicken is a Sunday meal. There is nothing better than a/ smelling chicken stock boiling Sunday night and b/ eating the soup the next day!

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