February 11, 2008

Food Fast

Here's my take on the all-American burger, with a healthy twist! It's great for a weeknight meal.

1 lb grassfed beef
Grassfed is lower in saturated fat and calories, higher in Omega-3s, higher in vitamin E, and higher in conjugated linoleic acid. Grassfeeding beef reduces, or zero sums the carbon footprint of meat, making it the clear environmental choice as well.
Sources: eatwild.com
minced onions (optional)

Mix beef, salt, pepper, onions and any other seasoning you wish together in bowl and form patties.

For quick cooking, I use a cast iron grill pan. You get lovely grill marks and the flavor is as good as any gas grill. It's not quite charcoal, but it will do for a weeknight (and it spares the air).

For the buns
Whole wheat mini-pitas, cut half open and toasted
I never remember to buy hamburger buns, and there are so few whole grain buns on the market that don't contain high fructose corn syrup (You think I'm kidding! I'm serious, read the ingredients!). I've found the pitas are very tasty, you eat fewer carbs, and they're more versatile than buns, so you can use the left-overs for sandwiches.

Toppings can include all your favorite burger fixings:
sliced onions
and in summer, tomatoes!

Serve with sauteed vegetables, cole slaw, or a green salad. Total time: approximately 25 minutes.

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