February 3, 2008

Superbowl snack ideas - a day late

We had a beautiful little head of Wakefield cabbage in our box this week, and I still had half a head of Savoy left from last week holding up nicely! Cabbage plus fresh carrots = coleslaw time. I got a little carried away and have enough to last us for probably a week's worth of lunches. Oops.

We made a jaunt to the Marin farmer's market this morning to get a few supplies. In the pouring rain, we stopped by Prather Ranch and grabbed a package of beef ribs. Did you know how easy it is to make ribs? There is nothing better for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

1. Take ribs out of package and place in roasting pan.
2. Season well. We used a rub, but we couldn't even taste it after they were done. Weird.
3. Add some liquid. I have read people use apple juice - we just used water. Put enough in to just cover the bottom.
4. Wrap tightly with foil.
5. Put in a 250 oven for 3 hours.
6. After this, let them rest a little...then put them on a grill, under the broiler, or in a hot oven with your favorite barbeque sauce. Ours happens to be flown in fresh, c/o Mom, from here.

My coleslaw recipe is based on the one in the Gourmet cookbook:
1 lemon - half the rind (grated) and all of the juice
1/2 bunch of parsley, chopped
1 bunch of green onions, diced
3-4 tbsp mayonnaise (mix with sour cream or creme fraiche if you have it)
bit of water - 2-3 tbsp
sprinkling of sugar
salt & pepper
coarsely grated carrots (2)
sliced cabbage (1)

The kids were not big fans of the coleslaw. I can't wait to use Ruth's sneaky kale-vitamins-in-the-soup method tomorrow night!

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