April 12, 2008

Sorrel: Help me

Our (French) nanny has a lovely garden where she grows loads of herbs, and more recently, SORREL.   

She asked me if I wanted some, and of course I said yes!  It has probably been grown from seeds illegally imported from France, so it has to be good ;)  I came home yesterday to a huge bag that she had given my husband.  I seriously have about 3 lbs of sorrel!  HELP!  She told me to make a sauce with it (bechamel + wilted sorrel = good on fish).  But, I don't need/want that much sauce. (Which makes me realize, we Americans aren't so into sauce, like the French)  I tried making a sauce with it once before, unsuccessfully.  Sorrel behaves very weirdly once it hits the heat. Not only did it start to melt, it turned brown.  
The only other things I can come up with are soup and to throw in salad.  Maybe that's the extent of it?  Making a soup makes me a tad bit nervous...see the part in the wikipedia entry about it being a laxative.....!

Suggestions would be appreciated - thank you!  

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