June 24, 2007

No time like the present

My name is R. and I'm a Virgo. The first post for this blog has been in my head for several months now, being repeatedly refined, perfected, reinvented, but never happening. Well, it's happening, and in a most unperfect manner. It's about beginning, about digging in without really knowing everything, without a clear direction.

That's the essence of this blog... we're two moms, trying to feed our family sustainable food in a manner that we can sustain. By sustain I mean not making ourselves crazy and taking all our time away from our families and lives. (Because I just might have those kind of tendencies in me.) We want to find out what that really means, how best we can do it and share our experience for others - hopefully - to benefit.

We each get a box of produce every week from Eatwell, a farm in our region. Some weeks, figuring out to do with that box takes more time, creativity and imagination than I have. Writing about it is part effort to stay on track and inspire ourselves, and part attempt at creating a system within our own kitchens, and hopefully yours, to use the produce before it wilts, rots or otherwise becomes slime.

So, here we go... let the adventure begin!

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