July 8, 2007


Long vilified as cholesterol laden muck, eggs are actually a great, healthful source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Don't bother with the store bought kind if you have access to pasture raised eggs. Yes, we pay $6 a dozen. Worth every penny and we can never go back.

How do we fit this in to our weekly food budget? Supper, that quaint little tradition of eating a light evening meal. This is fast, fast food for those nights when the baby shrieks and clings to my leg and the 4 year-old has not yet burned his requisite 60,000 calories of boy energy and is in to more mischief than my weary bones can describe. Besides, they do it in France.

We make: omelets, frittatas, quiche, and hardboiled eggs in salad. And for the aforementioned mischief maker: two eggs, sunny-side up. I know you're never supposed to become a short-order cook for your child, but it's far too late for us to go back.

The cooked egg dishes are a lovely repository for left-over vegetables, even the slightly wilted variety. We may eat a side salad if we have lettuce, or maybe just some steamed veggies to go along side.

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