July 9, 2007

Basil Dressing

As I lamented (yeah. poor me.) about in a previous post, I had a lot of basil on my hands this week since I foolishly bought some before getting a nice bunch from the farm on Thursday. I often find myself getting bogged down by ingredients, feeling like I have to do something extra-creative with them. This is why I wasn't going to make pesto. Been there, done that. I know this is silly, but half the fun of having the CSA is being forced to experiment with ingredients that are either new or in abundance. After slicing up the pretty tomato (yes, that's singular. one tomato. they're not quite ready, yet!) and sprinkling some basil on top to let it marinate before dinner (this makes a big difference, in my opinion. for bruschetta topping, as well. let those flavors marry before eating!) - I realized I had to make lunch to bring to work. One of my favorite things to do with extra herbs or veg I have is to chop it all up and add it to bulgur for a salad. My 'recipe' for this will come in another post. The bulgur always needs a dressing. Knowing this recipe isn't THAT creative, I am still sharing it because it was tasty and pretty enough to post here...not to mention a good way to use up basil.

Basil Dressing
In a blender put:
2 cloves garlic
huge tablespoon of dijon
couple glugs of vinegar (i have been using an orange/champagne/muscat from Trader Joe's that is fun)
equal amount of olive oil (i like it vinegary)
a bunch of basil leaves - to taste (i used about 25 smallish leaves)
salt and pepper

WHIZ on high in your blender until emulsified. Dressing made this way will not break, and will keep well for at least 4-5 days. Would also make a good dip for veg, spread on panini, marinade for poultry/fish, and probably 5 other ways I haven't come up with ;)

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