July 13, 2007

Local Ice Cream

Really local - like the homemade kind.  You can't escape the frenzy around here, in the food blogosphere or in the food sections of major newspapers

It was only fitting that I yank out my 6 year old Krups ice cream maker, a wedding present that I used maybe 5 times the first year I had it.  After Ruth told me about a batch of apricot ice cream she made that turned out so great, I was encouraged about the process and decided to try it.  I attempted two batches tonight:  vietnamese coffee and a no-egg (aka: kid friendly preparation) strawberry recipe I found.

Well, we haven't had either of them.  Unless you count putting the vietnamese coffee mixture along with some ice cubes in a blender at 10:40 PM because you are so desperate to have some...

My #$%^@ ice cream maker takes forever to freeze and neither batch would set up!  I hope, for the kids' sake, that it will work by tomorrow.  They will be oh so sad and disappointed if they can't have their vietnamese coffee strawberry ice cream!

If all fails again, we will repeat what I did tonight and just turn everything into a milkshake.  Or, we will just have to visit one of these places:

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