July 27, 2007

Summer Abundance

In this weeks' box were:

Heirloom tomatoes - 3 small, 2 large and 2 pints of cherry tomatoes
Cucumber - some of them were so long they wouldn't fit in the box! I wonder how long mine was to start with...
Eggplant - a pretty shade of lavender. I should take a picture
Onions - flat, white ones that are larger than a cipollini but smaller than a regular onion - at first I thought they were huge heads of garlic
Strawberries - swear to you. and in my opinion, they are now at their sweetest
Green beans - I have no idea what to do with all the green beans in my fridge!
Corn - three ears
Serrano chiles - 3 peppers
Zucchini - 3
Basil - a bunch

Stay tuned for our weekly meal plan. I think we are having pizza tonight - my mouth is watering thinking about a pizza covered in tomato, eggplant, zucchini and basil! And, still no problem for us to turn on the oven to 475 even though it is July 27. Gotta think positively about the San Franciscan weather.


MissEm said...

Wow! I'm pleasantly surprised about your produce deliver. I always thought these companies sent over way too much produce to eat in a week. Which company do you use?

PS - Try a light pickling with the green beans.

Miche said...

We both subscribe to Eatwell Farm. For the past few months, getting through the contents has not been a problem. However, the winter seemed to be more of a challenge. Maybe because I am not normally faced with that amount of greens all at once! It has not been easy trying to make strawberries or cherry tomatoes last a week...they usually don't make it 2 days!

Our original intent for this blog was to show that having a CSA can be easy - and that has not been difficult to prove lately. LOL.

Thanks so much for visiting, and thanks for the green bean tip!

Kelly Mahoney said...

I'm so jealous. We don't have that kind of bounty in the desert.

foodiemom said...
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foodiemom said...

Love the CSAbc's!! Another green bean pickling idea...they're great in a Bloody Mary instead of the usual celery stalk. See a yummy recipe at urbanfarmfamily!