July 31, 2007

Disappearing Zucchini

Following up on my last post about zucchini bread, which I am still enjoying, I must admit that I have found a few other uses for the zucchini that has been showing up in my weekly box. Let me insert here that the zucchini coming from Eatwell Farm is incredibly creamy! This is a pretty exciting discovery to me, who always found zucchini so borrrrring.

I finished reading Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle a month ago. Sigh. What a lovely read that was. I love the way it was educational without being preachy. If you don't know already, the 'year in food' chronicles the family's move from Tucson, AZ to a family farm in the Virginia's Appalachian mountains. Their aim was to live as sustainably as possible for one year, growing as much as possible and getting the rest from neighbors. Go out and read this if you haven't, yet!

You can visit their website for recipes that are printed in the book. One recipe that stuck with me is the Disappearing Zucchini Orzo. I have used this method to great success in various ways. It comes in handy when trying to feed a 2 and 4 yr old who are both opposed to most things green. Grated zucchini seems to disappear in just about anything. I've used it to make pasta sauce, bulgur salad, risotto and fried rice. The zucchini is totally camouflaged in the last two dishes as it is the same size and shape as rice. As for the pasta sauce - I sauteed some garlic and diced onion, then added the shredded zuccchini until softened. I then added some chopped tomato (I actually had some leftover heirlooms!) and basil and let them simmer. The sauce almost had a creamy consistency and was delicious AND nutritious :)

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Kelly Mahoney said...

Nice find. I like when veggies have a creamy consistency -- it fools me into thinking I'm eating something truly decadent.