August 11, 2007

Tomato Tart

A sweet friend was visiting from North Carolina, recently, and we were talking tomatoes.   She reminded me of  '...that beautiful tomato tart in Sunset magazine' and I knew exactly what she was referring to and knew I wanted to make it.
Tonight I threw it together after our pizza making session.  I'm thinking it will make a nice late-night snack for the husband returning from a week-long business trip; or a nice brunch item for tomorrow; or a great picnic item; or, or, or....   Did I really need a reason?  I don't know why the recipe didn't call for basil.  I totally put some on with the recommended thyme. 

Did you know that if you pick fresh thyme off the stem, you can freeze the leaves and use them whenever, just like fresh thyme?  I never thought of this, but it was a tip in our weekly csa newsletter.  Just passing it on.

Here's my crappy photo.  lol.  I have to figure out how to make them look better.  I can't wait for when Ruth is less busy and can start posting some of her own gorgeous pics.


Kelly Mahoney said...

How beautiful! I saw a similar recipe in another magazine, perhaps a Kraft one, but yours looks a little more balanced.

Janet said...

You made it! You made it!

It looks so beautiful, but how did it taste? I plan on whipping mine up this weekend, after my weekly trip to the Saturday Farmer's Market.

Miche said...

It was really good! I recommend buying the best phyllo dough you have access to. I bought the next-best, and I regretted it (it was chalky tasting). It didn't stop me from sneaking bits and pieces of it whenever I could, though!