October 19, 2007

CSA Contents: October 18

Dried serrano chiles
Butternut Squash
Green grapes
Rome apples
Red kale!

Couldn't be much easier to make a menu around these ingredients! Tonight we are going to have (last week's) tomatillo salsa-poached-fish and some sauteed corn. I love sauteed corn. The farm did mention that this was the last of the corn - I was surprised there was any still around! The kale is so delicious - I put some in a bulgur salad I made for lunch today along with some oven-roasted tomatoes, parsley and a vinaigrette. Voila.

Oh - I did make the egg/collard green dish - but there is no photo. There wasn't one worth taking. I can say for sure that I probably won't make it again. I just hate having to boil the greens for so long, there can't be any vitamins left once they are cooked. I saved the water to feed the plants, but then it rained! Oh well.

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Kelly Mahoney said...

That's a lot of options! Sounds like there will be some delicious meals out of that assortment.