October 12, 2007

To Do

1. Hit the farmer's market. The lack of tomatoes due to the Medfly attack on the farm has made me grumpy. I was a little too busy and/or lazy to actually go out and purchase some,...so I better do it before they are totally gone. I think I'll hit the Alameda Market tomorrow morning.

2. Make this recipe with the collard greens from our box and report back here. (ooh - and how about if I include a photo this time? I'll try to remember)

3. Come up with a low carb menu for the week as a family member has been put on a restriction (nothing to really worry about). This is actually easier than I thought it would be. I'll report back, here.

4. Make a healthy dessert. Honey. Apples. Nuts. I hope to come up with something.

5. Scope out turkeys. I, for the first time in many years, will not be making Thanksgiving dinner much to my simultaneous chagrin and delight. However - I still want to make some turkey so I can make turkey stock and have leftovers. Is that weird? I don't care.

[I haven't been doing our 'weekly menu' because our 'menu' has been incredibly boring. Salmon with broccoli. Snapper with salad. Chicken legs and mushrooms. Snoozefest.]


Kelly Mahoney said...

Wow, sounds like a list of tasty chores ... my to-do list includes things like laundry and studying.

Janet said...

Hey. If you need some inspiration for healthy menu planning, check out this post:

Hope you found some good 'maters!