October 12, 2007

I said something about the apples

Referring to my post from a few weeks ago, I said something to the manager of the store. I sheepishly asked if 'anyone else has complained that the apples are coming all the way from New Zealand?'

Mgr: Why, no. Why should they?
Me: Well, I can drive probably 15 minutes from here and get some - they are in season!
Mgr: Huh. Well, there haven't been any complaints. They are SO delicious!
Me: Ok, but why couldn't they be sourced more locally? I mean, it's not even apple season in New Zealand, is it?
Mgr: Oh, huh. I don't know how they decide where they come from.

I kind of felt like an idiot. And I kind of felt good for saying something. Although it was to the wrong person. Oh well. Since then I've been on a mission to find local AND organic (because apples are leaded with pesticides). It's not difficult if I'm willing to cross town and go to Whole Foods. However - the CSA came through the past two weeks and we finally have apples! Hurray.


Janet said...

Every Fall we are blessed here in the mountains with the most delicious organic heirloom apples you have ever had from a local farmer. Unfortunately, the late freeze in May zapped all of our local apples (and berries. boooo) for this season and possibly next. I miss them so!

Enjoy your apples!

Miche said...

You're kidding! That is so sad to me. What is fall without apples? :( (or summer without berries?!)