November 2, 2007

Swimming (drowning?) in greens!

My refrigerator currently holds the following greens:

Two bunches of spinach
A huge bunch of large-leaf arugula
Collard greens
Swiss chard
Head of lettuce

Aie aie aie!

After my last round of 'lets boil the collard greens to death, and then cook them again' - I looked for another way to cook them. Why didn't I think of slicing them in a chiffonade and cooking them with pancetta??? I found that on - one of my go-to websites for recipes.


Ruth said...

This method of cooking in bacon fat is downright edible!

I think I'm gong to have to start eating greens with breakfast. I have a friend who steams them as she poaches her eggs.

Miche said...

huh! good idea!

and i forgot to mention the bok choy - I knew I was missing something. So far, I minced a few stalks up and threw it into some fried rice. It kind of worked.