February 24, 2008

A Week's Groceries

I've been thinking about doing this for a while, but never manage to either keep complete track of or forget to post about the weekly tally for our groceries. We have been doing the CSA for a full year now. I am so proud of the positive changes we have made since then. It has been like a domino effect! One thing I had to get over, and a common theme I often hear from friends and family is COST. Yes, in general, it seems to cost more to eat local, organic and seasonal - especially when you include grass-fed beef or pastured eggs. However, we have cut down our eating-out habits to about once a week. We have also cut down on extraneous side dishes at dinner (like pre-seasoned rice/potatoes/couscous in a box).

Here is what we spent for groceries this week:

CSA box + 1 dozen eggs: $31.50
1 brisket (grass-fed): $16 (2 lbs)
1 sirloin steak (grass-fed): $14 (1.25 lbs)
Wild King Salmon: $12.50 for 1.8 lbs! (farmer's market! fresh from British Columbia...not local) - 2 dinners
1 Trout: $4.00
Milk: $6.00
Extra apples: $4.00 (6)
= $88.00

Between the meat, fish and eggs + the veg we get in our box - we are good for the week. I swear to you. Sure, we'll get some extras like mushrooms, extra broccoli and we need a loaf of bread. And, yeah, we've got a frozen chicken that we are going to roast if we don't have enough leftovers once all of this is done. But, for the most part, this is it.

I hope this was somewhat convincing!


Janet said...

It totally makes sense when you break it down this way.

I just signed up for my first CSA and I can.not.wait. until the first harvest!

Miche said...

woohoo!!! you'll have to share with us what kind of stuff you get in your box!

MoonSinger said...

This is important. Please keep posting the costs.