March 5, 2008

Breaks My Heart

If you want a simple, front line explanation of what is wrong with our food system, read this short article by farmer Jack Hedin of Minnesota:

My Forbidden Fruits (and Vegetables)


Allison said...

Wow... :'(

BullishOnRhubarb said...

Fine. It breaks your heart. So what are you or any readers of your post going to do about it? How about calling or e-mailing your legislators to specifically address Jack's issues? I say contact your representative or senator and ask them to contact Jack Hedin at and talk to him and propose legislation to solve his and your problem. When you send this e-mail to your representative or congressperson, cc. your request to Jack Hedin at and cc. Representative Collin Peterson, the chair of the House Ag Committee via Toni Merdin, his Sr. Economic Development Officer at This is an easy thing to do. Anyone who is reading this post has the internet skills to find and e-mail their legislators. Unless legislators feet are held to the flames , they will not stand up to "Big Veg" and the "Big Veg" state legislators. Thank you for posting this and thank you to any readers who followup with a legislative contact.
Frank Wright, Lanesboro, MN

Miche said...

Thanks, Frank. You are absolutely right. I have been sending my Congresswoman letters about the Farm Bill periodically throughout this year (thanks to - and I hope those I forward the information to are doing the same!

I am also a pessimist, and don't believe that much will change until there is an economic hit to the corporations that ultimately benefit from the current farming system. Voting with your fork sends just as powerful message as writing your representative, if not more so, in my humble opinion! It's best to cover your bases and voice your opinion in writing and in eating ;)

Thanks for reading!