March 13, 2008

Green Garlic

I had never heard of green garlic before I moved to California. And then, even though it was something I would see on restaurant menus, it was never something readily accessible in a 'regular' grocery store.

My first encounter cooking with it was last March, when the first bunch arrived from the farm. I thought it was a bunch of scallions - they look extremely similar. Green garlic is just another term for young garlic. The skin is papery like a scallion, but the color is more dull and sometimes has a blush to it. The flavor is not exactly mild - but mild compared to a raw garlic clove. It is definitely one of my top 5 favorite items in the CSA box!! If you can find it at your local farmer's market, or maybe know someone who has some growing in their yard - get your hands on some and put it in scrambled eggs. You won't be disappointed.

[Try doing a search for recipes in other blogs by using the little 'food blog search' box here. Many of the food blogs you will come across are not as amateur as you think, and recipes I have used from others have almost always been successful.]

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