March 30, 2008

The thing about vegetables

I have this theory about kids and vegetables. You know, how they don't eat them? Some of it is just flat out not liking them whatsoever, period. Some of it, though, has to be preparation. I think we're still entrenched in the era of low-fat thinking when it comes to our veggies, so we're feeding our kids steamed, crisp, fat-less, salt-less vegetables and scratching our heads when they won't eat them.

Not any more at my house. We've embraced healthy fats and I've seen vegetable consumption skyrocket.

Tonight? Tonight at the table my four year-old says, complete unprompted: "Thank you for making these! I love them, they're my favorite!" The "these" he was referring to was cauliflower, sauteed in butter and olive oil until slightly carmelized. He's not one of those kids, either: some goodie two shoes, saying things just to delight adults. Au contraire. And in the early years, despite my best efforts, I thought he might go the rest of his life with out a vegetable.

But tonight, he loves them. I'm going to bed happy

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