March 29, 2008

Tip #1

Are one of those lucky people, just subscribing to a CSA or similar farm share for the first time? Here's a tip:


I didn't have one before I started, because all my spinach and lettuce was coming thrice washed and in bags. I never washed it a fourth time, even after the unfortunate deaths from bagged spinach and email warnings that there may be a frog in my salad (did you ever get that one?).

Now, this advice may sound really obvious - but make sure you get yourself a GOOD salad spinner. One that has a solid outer bowl. I used Freecycle to get my first one. After two trips across the city to pick up my free salad spinner that someone wasn't using anymore, already canceling out any good I was doing the environment by not letting that woman throw hers in the garbage, I realized I had the worst possible kind. The outer bowl acted like a strainer, so I was never able to really soak anything in it. Not until about 6 months later did we break down and buy a new one! Life has been much easier since then.


Ruth said...

That you went so long without one of these is just the perfect example of the kind of dedication you apply to anything you take on. I'm not mocking, it's true! Imagine, washing that mud-caked spinach in the dead of winter without one of these beauties!

Leah said...

Thanks for the tip - I had a preconceived notion that salad spinners were something that just collected dust in your kitchen. I love leafy greens, but the washing process is starting to wear me down after months of washing each leaf by hand and inspecting each and every leaf! I even had an idea to install a light on the bottom of my faucet so that I would be able to see the dirt more easily! I think that I will be moving to the land of salad spinners. I will look for one with a good outer bowl too - thanks! Keep writing - I love your blog :) Leah