April 20, 2008

Spring Goodies

I feel like I haven't updated you re: our box contents recently.  I think my new favorite food season might be spring.   For years and years, it was fall.  Fall meant applesauce and roast vegetables and roast beasts and cozy family dinners.  All that is still true, but the produce in the fall just can't rival that of the spring and summer.  Each week is so exciting as there is always a new little surprise in there.  It started with green garlic, then snow peas, and now fava beans.  This past week we received:

Leeks, carrots, green garlic, sugar snap peas, fava beans, kiwi, apples, spinach, red lettuce, asparagus, a grapefruit and...lemon balm!

Per the farm's suggestion, I made a tea with the lemon balm (and some mint I had) and MAN is it delicious late in the evening.  Very soothing.

The first week with fava beans, they were small enough to only have to shell once.  I tossed them with some pasta and green garlic and pecorino.  This week, I made a spread with them (per a fellow farm member's suggestion) by throwing them in the food processor with some (green) garlic, parsley, lemon juice and olive oil.  That combination, spread on multigrain bread with a glass of white wine is what I'm having right now and I'm in heaven.

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