May 13, 2008

Fava Bean City

Part of the deal with our CSA, and maybe with others, is that there is a 'trade' area where you can leave stuff you don't want and ideally trade it for something else.  This week's deposit was a whole bag of fava beans, which I promptly snatched up.  I'll leave something another day...

I got home and realized I had like 3 lbs of fava beans.  I didn't think it would be so many since the yield is so low after the shucking and peeling.  Ha - the joke was on me!  I had a HUGE bowl of fava beans!  

What I've done with them:

1. Shucked, blanched, peeled.  Required for anything else I'd want to do, anyway.
2. Made a 'ragout' using instructions from Alice Water's 'Vegetables' book (just cover with half water/half olive oil, salt/pepper, garlic, rosemary - cook for 5-8 minutes).  Eh - they were good. Not mind blowing.
3.  Whizzed remaining ragout-ed favas with some pecorino and voila - a spread for toast.
4. Mixed in with a lentil salad.
5.  Tossed with pasta.

I think I'm almost sick of fava beans.  The season is just about over, anyway.  

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