May 29, 2008

Mmmmm, greasy!!!

Last night I'd thawed chorizo sausage from Deck for dinner without really thinking it through. Bold move for a girl from the Midwest. The thing I did know about chorizo, is that it's really more of an ingredient than a dish on it's own.

There was nothing, nothing in the house to work that sausage. It was already a day past being thawed, it was late, we were hungry.

So I cracked open the Eatwell box, and voila: sweet potatoes. Out of storage. Special treat!

Only one thing to do: chorizo sweet potato hash. I've never really hashed sweet potatoes before, but I must say everyone should be preparing them this way much more often! Buttery, toothy, caramelized sweet potatoes?? It was the perfect match for spicy/smoky sausage.

Thanks Eatwell!

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Michelle said...

Ooh - what a great idea! I thought it was weird to be getting sweet potatoes at this point in the season. It's probably a weird point in the year because the spring stuff is over, and the summer stuff isn't ready? I totally want to make this, now.