May 31, 2008

Whassup, hyssop?

When we received our newsletter from the farm last week notifying us what they expected to put in the next week's box, I saw hyssop and went right away to a new screen and googled it.  

I guess it is most famous for being mentioned in the New Testament during the crucifixion - they say that a sponge soaked in vinegar was placed on a branch of hyssop and given to Christ before he died.  
A/ that's gross - couldn't they give him some water?  and 
B/ it must have been a different species of hyssop because what I received is only about 8-10" long.

I prefer to remember it as a crucial ingredient of Chartreuse and Absinthe :)  

Suggestions from the farm were to use it in a homemade blend of herbes de provence, or to use sparingly in a meat marinade or as stew.  I guess it has a kind of anise-y, minty, bitter flavor.  

Here you see it drying beneath some heads of garlic - it feels so witchy doing this - I love it.  

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Ruth said...

The smell of it is so savory - It will be difficult to use sparingly on meat. I can imagine it on lamb, pork, beef.... carne galore! Can't wait.