July 29, 2008

eating 'local'

I had to be on the east coast last week and made sure to take advantage of the local specialties.  There is a great farm stand in Old Bridge, NJ that sells Jersey corn, tomatoes, greens, etc.  If you are not from NJ...maybe you have no idea what kind of glorious produce New Jersey can produce?  The state is most famous for it's corn, tomatoes and blueberries.

I got some corn.  WHOA.  The kernels were seriously jumping off the cob with freshness and they were so incredibly sweet.  Not organic, though!  Hmph.  They were so good, I packed a half dozen into my luggage and we ate them tonight.  So, I flew them back myself, that must count for something as we try to eat locally.

[The Jersey tomatoes were 2.99/lb and the 'other' tomatoes were 1.99/lb.  Uh huh. I know. What gives, food system?!?]

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