July 14, 2008

Oh no!

What?  We're out of vegetables already??  This is the 'curse' of summer produce from the farm - it's much more evenly divided between fruits and vegetables.

We do still have a few radishes and some half-portions kicking around, but everything else is history.  That's what stir-fry and pizzas are for - using up the leftovers!

PS: Summer is officially here.  We have received tomatoes AND basil.  This week will be the real start of tomato season as the heirlooms are on their way. 

PPS:  I have started a new blogroll category called 'Farm Life' to keep track of the new, beautiful, enviable blogs that are originating from farms these days.  

PPS: On the farm note, there is a beautiful photo spread in last Sunday's NY Times magazine profiling female farmers.  Enjoy.

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