August 22, 2008

Double Double

After being on vacation a couple weeks, I went to pick up my Eatwell box with great anticipation. The bounty was playing over in my mind, and a week's worth of fresh local vegetables seemed the perfect antidote to traveling and eating out.

Imagine my profound disappointment as I begin unpacking the box and constructing the night's dinner only to realize that after our simple summer supper, the balance of produce will consist of a few cherry tomatoes, a couple peaches, and since I was using 4 of our rationed 1/2 dozen eggs, only 2 eggs.

The time and energy I spend sourcing our food is for another post, but if we don't get enough in our Eatwell box, I'm relegated to Whole Foods produce the rest of the week because the Farmer's markets are in direct conflict with my work schedule. I know. Gasp. One could have it so bad. But that's not the point. The point is supporting a local food economy.

I fumed while preparing the vegetables. Even formulated a plan for my own garden next summer, which I must say is not such a shabby outcome. That's the direction to be heading, anyway, right?

Then. Then. I make this dish. It's from an old issue of Saveur, and it involves a very simple preparation of sauteed zucchini, onions and peppers with eggs cracked over the top. It's warm and flavorful and comforting. The then part comes in when I crack the first egg. Double yolk. Wow. THEN, I crack the second egg. Another double yolk. Something in the universe is directing me back to a little bit of gratitude.

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Lisa said...

That looks good. Reminds me of a veggie hash that I like with poached eggs.

It has zucchini, sweet potato, onion, and mushrooms in it.