August 19, 2008

Gearing up: Slow Food Nation

You may or may not have read about the Slow Food Nation event that is set to take place here in San Francisco over Labor Day weekend. I have put some of their icons here on the blog (on the right - there are actually two of them there. I can see both from my mac, but only one from a PC...).

I have started, and deleted, about 3 different paragraphs that try to sum up what the event is all about - but I basically end up totally quoting the Slow Food website. I'm taking the lazy way out - go on over there and read all about it!

One of the reasons I'm bringing it up is to share my excitement. I signed up to volunteer for anything on any day, because I'm just so darn happy this is happening and that it's happening here! Well.....drumroll please.....I have been assigned to the SPIRITS table in the Taste Pavilion. I swear to you that this was a completely random assignment! Perhaps the managers had a sixth sense about me or something... ;)

I will be at the table from 5-10 on Friday night, August 29. Anyone else planning on attending?

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